Mindfullness Videos

Taking care of our mind is as important as taking care of our bodies. Take a moment to reflect , breathe and centre yourself with our mindfulness videos.


Currently available for all MAC computers. PC coming soon.


We asked clients ‘what stops you from doing your stretches during the day’ and the most common answer? ‘We simple forget’. This is why we have timed reminders, so you never forget to stretch.  

Designed for everyone

If you’ve got muscular aches and pains, this program is for you. 

EXERCISE programs

All Over Body

An all over body conditioning program that provides exercises to the areas that cause the typical pains associated with sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

Upper Body

Stretch out the upper body with simple exercises that will reduce strain in arms, shoulders and wrists, common from sitting at a desk typing and using a mouse.


One of the most common areas of workplace pain, prevent injury with simple exercises that will stretch and strengthen the muscles that will help prevent pain and help correct posture.

Head, Neck & Shoulders

Target the cause of headaches with this targeted stretch program, specifically designed to prevent the most common causes of workplace fatigue. These exercises will also help to improve posture when seated at a desk.

Lower Body

Keep your legs stretched and increase circulation with simple yet effective exercises for your lower body.

Fit & Strech

Wanting to take things to the next level? Our “Fit & Stretch” program is designed using simple exercises that will get the heart rate up and bring the fatigue down. Designed to be done at your desk, these simple exercises will get you moving and feeling good in no time!


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Founder, FL3P Pty Ltd

Being a cameraman I am used to being up and about away from the office. When I have to sit for hours I get stiff and sore. Being reminded to exercise when I am in front of my computer helps to mitigate and get in front of any back pain I might suffer. The mindfulness exercises offered through Fitable are also great to quiet the mind. Recommend fully.